What if… life could be wonderful?

This is an invitation to join me on a transformational journey where I take you from surviving to thriving.

This is an amazing offer for the woman who spends a lot of time thinking and overthinking, often wakes up feeling negative, finds herself in complicated and dramatic relationships and frequently adapts to others, instead of voicing her own wants & needs.

It is for the woman who is longing to feel confident and free to show up as her beautiful, authentic self. Knowing what she wants and needs. Waking up every day feeling positive, grateful and energized.

This is for you if you find yourself caught between overthinking, feeling unhappy and close to burnout - and feeling guilty about it because your life looks good on paper (but doesn't feel like it at all!). If you are eager to start feeling like you can be yourself without pretending, without having to measure up to the expectations of other people.

And you feel the need to take charge of your life and your circumstance and become deeply connected to your personal empowerment. To stop trying to "fix" yourself (and others) and start nurturing yourself instead.

This program completely transforms your life experience

because it helps you build and enjoy a life that feels like yours:

You will gain the skills to feel good in your own mind and act like your own biggest supporter, regardless of the unpredictability of life or other people. You will know how to attract & keep a happy and healthy romantic relationship, escape the perfectionism trap and accept yourself and others for who they are, feel empathy while keeping your personal balance.   

Past clients have experienced -

CH: Feelings of overwhelm & anxiety dissipating and leaving the body within moments of pinpointing the source - feelings that didn't come back. Setting boundaries, embodying play and having the best week ever.

AD: Started dating again and got a new job with great pay and more vacation!  

ER: Becoming fully relaxed and grounded within a single session of feminine embodiment coaching.  

NE: Moving from emotional turmoil to facing what lay ahead with an open heart and clearing very difficult emotions.  

ZP: Successfully raised her prices with an existing client, standing in her power.  

ML: Transformed morning practice, experiencing change coming from the inside and easing of pain.  

You will go through the following 5 stages

1) Reconnecting with yourself - tapping into how you really feel, identifying your emotional patterns, your values, likes and dislikes.

By identifying deeply rooted unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior that are draining your joy and energy, we can begin the real work of uprooting those patterns and changing them around.

This stage includes various embodiment exercises that help you feel into yourself again, exercises to visualize your core values and more. The exercises help create understanding and they form the basis for treating the causes of your distress, not just treating symptoms.  

You will practice showing up as your authentic self, stop running from negative emotions, embrace your vulnerability and begin feeling comfortable just being you. 

2) Liberating and healing your relationship to others.

Through a series of communication- and behavior exercises, we will work on issues of control, perfectionism and increasing your empowerment in relation to your partner, co-workers, friends and family members.

You will develop a skill set in interacting with other people that will improve your relationships forever. It will leave you feeling in charge of your reactions and your authority in relation to other people in your life.

No more worrying what others think. Overcoming shame and establish trust in your life, yourself and others. 

3) Improving healthy relationships by identifying and strengthening your boundaries.

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but the work of setting strong boundaries for yourself and others is actually a huge driver for strong and healthy relationships.

Through methods from feminine embodiment coaching we will dive into:  

- why boundaries improve relationships;  

- Deciding how people are allowed to treat you - setting embodied boundaries that feel true to you in your body without worrying or overthinking;

- How to react when your boundaries are not honored;

- managing and overcoming feelings of guilt when you let go of people pleasing;

- conflicts, confrontations and vulnerability 

4) At this point you will already feel like a transformed person

Building on the previous steps, we will now tackle deeply seated limiting beliefs and automatic thoughts that are harder to identify.

This includes clearing "thought distortions", that are habitual errors in thinking that hurt you subconsciously on a daily basis. We inspect and clear out beliefs around not being good enough, not being able to have healthy relationships, and so on. If these belief are reinforced often enough, they can increase anxiety, deepen depression and lead to many other complications.    

(Rooting these out will radically unburden you, lift you up, energize you and change your sense of worthiness and outlook on life). 

5) Finally, the frosting on the cake that all humans deserve: Anchoring self love and fulfillment deep in your soul.

We install routines and practices for self care, self esteem, self love, self appreciation and rock solid belief in your bright future.

You will leave this journey feeling curious about what else is possible for you. Suddenly it seems all within your reach. 

The program includes

Personal 1-on-1 coaching, online toolbox with tools that you can back to at any time, worksheets, audio files and email support.

Nothing is held back in supporting you through massive growth and a series of instantaneous, disruptive shifts that will leave you feeling truly happy and fulfilled.

And no matter what life throws at you in the future, you will be stronger and better equipped to handle anything that comes your way. 

This program is truly unique because it is based on extensive psychological research 

- and it applies logical, scientific structures to complex, emotional patterns.

These patterns operate so deeply that they can make the most intelligent people feel like they're battling an invisible enemy alone - to the point of questioning their sanity.

It means that you won't have to guess how we made the magic happen or be concerned about losing it again since the process involves teaching you exactly how to coach yourself going forward.

The investment is in the low 4 figures in EUR, which is unbelievably cheap compared to the life changing effects it will have on your entire life - now and going forward.

The price-tag is probably way less than you have already spent on band-aids, that haven't managed to fix the root causes. Like me, before I discovered and mastered this process, you have probably tried to "fix yourself" for a while, been to several therapists, psychologists, psycho-analysts, and tried self-help methods like meditation, reading all the books, doing yoga... Or you've even (like me) travelled extensively abroad to leave everything behind for a while.     

To get great results from this program, you must be willing to be radically honest with yourself and with me as your guide and coach

If you feel this might be the perfect solution for you, simply hit the "APPLY"-button to schedule a call. We'll have a quick chat and I'll ask a few questions to see if the program is right for you. 

If it's a fit for both of us to start working together, I can get you started straight away with your first exercise and we can schedule our first session.



Got a new job, started dating again and built up self-confidence and self-love while becoming empowered to make her own life decisions.

Working with Andrea for the past 6 months has been a great experience and blessing. She listened to me carefully and I felt safe and comfortable with her, which made it easy to be open with her right from the start.

Andrea helped me to recognise and dissolve old thought patterns. I was able to build up my self-confidence and gain self-love, which before I did not know how to achieve on my own.  

In a time when I was professionally and privately disoriented, I was able to find my inner center again and make important decisions for myself.  

I am very grateful to Andrea for helping me in such a sensitive and compassionate way to see my own truth and to give my life a new, better direction through gentle changes from within.  

After going through some really bad experiences in the past, I am now new dating again and I will be starting a new job in a new field soon!  

I would highly recommend Andrea if you feel you need to make changes in your life and you are not sure how to make these on your own. It is so worth it! 

Alice v. Dieckhoff