The meaning behind Unchained Connection

The meaning behind Unchained Connection

Learn more about the brand Unchained Connection and what's behind the name.

Why Unchained Connection?

When people think of Unchained connection, of course, they think of freedom and breaking free of some kind of chains. 

But Unchained Connection is so much more than that. 

Unchained connection stands for 

  • breaking free from the patterns of control, 
  • breaking the chain of unhealthy relationships, 
  • breaking the chain of unhealthy patterns of behaviour, 
  • breaking the chain of unhelpful thoughts in our minds that keep repeating over and over, 
  • breaking the chain with unhappiness and suffer.
  • breaking free from codependency

Unchained connection also stands for breaking the chain with unhealthy work relationships. Bye, bye Burnout! We want to Live & Work Unchained.

We want to focus on the Connection. Something that we crave so much these days. So many people are caught up in a spiral of loneliness. Even if they have people around them, they still feel lonely.

They are searching through connection to be seen, to be felt, to be understood, to be validated. And that's hard when you're not showing up in life with your true face. 

It is hard if you're not showing up with your true self, but if you're hiding behind the mask because of all the shame you carry. You are not free. You've created your own chains.

Because people will not be connecting with you, but they will be connecting with your mask. It ain’t the real deal. And it leaves us feeling empty.

Most of all, Unchained connection stands for the connection with ourselves. Wherever we start to fully connect and take care of ourselves, with all our feelings and sensations - we connect with our body on a deeper level and we start to accept and see ourselves for who we really are. 

something magical happens.


Of course, Unchained connection stands for breaking the chain with everything, or anyone that doesn't  serve us anymore.

Let's break some chains together and let's connect. Looking forward!

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