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Feminine Embodiment Coaching helps you to connect to yourself, using your body's wisdom to move forward. By fully inhabiting yourself you will have a "sense of knowing" and lasting changes can be made with ease & flow.

Feminine Embodiment Coaching uses the power of your emotions and felt senses to create depth first, and move forward later. This helps us to really understand and explore what is driving all that is present.

Trauma informed work

This trauma informed method of work is extremely powerful and allows to resolve painful emotions, remove blocks and limiting beliefs within a short period of time.

Often very impactful progress can be experienced within 1-3 sessions, while creating long-lasting results, since you will have already experienced the desired outcome in your body.

Want to learn more about why feminine embodiment coaching is so effective? Take a look at our blog posts to learn about what feminine embodiment coaching is and why you should try it.

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