I’m here to help you find your blind spot
and finally break through the patterns
and limitations that are keeping you stuck
and unfulfilled.

Ready to start Thriving, instead of Surviving?

What clients say

I really enjoyed my session with Andrea. She guided me very easily and beautiful out of the confusion I was in, to clarity.

I loved her energy. She made me feel heard and held the space for me to feel think out loud and gain clarity.

She also gave amazing insights. I am so happy I had a session with her.


Andrea was very compassionate, non-judgemental and insightful.

She immediately identified the pain point and navigated me to deeper knowing.
Her ability to bring me to my core feelings and sensations was a great gift because now I have a tool which I can apply to any similar situation.  

I really felt empowered at the end of our session. Thank you for creating such a safe space and mirror for exploring.


The session was very transformative.

  Andrea guided me through my emotions while creating a safe space.  

 I felt supported and uplifted,
thank you so much!


Andrea's energy is amazing, empathic and gentle.  

The session felt free flowing and smooth, and I was very effortlessly guided into a deeper connection with my body, my being. In one session, I went into a deeper understanding of myself and could also release a part of me that was not serving me well.  

It was a deeply comforting experience where I could be myself and open up about things that were bothering me!
  Thanks Andrea :)  


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feminine embodiment testimonial of Mary

Your compassionate space holding and gentle mirroring of the pain I carry each day was so helpful.

Andrea this session was AMAZING!!!
Truly, I am changed from our time together.  

I have been doing mornings differently since we spoke and it has made such a difference.  
It feels like the change is coming from the inside out, not an outer directive.  
I’m so, so grateful!!!

Thank you again, you have a real gift!

Mary Lofgren

Coaching Testimonial for unchained connection

Andrea helped me to recognize and dissolve old thought patterns.

I was able to build up my self-confidence and gain self-love. In a time when I was professionally and privately disoriented, I was able to find my inner center again and make important decisions for myself.

  After going through some really bad experiences in the past, I am now dating again and I will be starting a new job in a new field soon!

Alice v. Dieckhoff